Field of Honour, Field of Life

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As far as war is concerned, the world’s population can be divided into two groups: those who have or are experiencing war and the effects of this on their lives and those of their families, and those fortunate enough to have escaped suffering such losses and ongoing impact. Common to all of these people however, is the deep-rooted desire for peace and freedom. The very same peace and freedom achieved by struggle for which others paid the highest possible price – their lives.

Some of us know no other life than one of freedom and peace because this is what we have been fortunate enough to know since birth.

History however teaches us that once upon a time, in recent or distant times, people died for this very same freedom. We commemorate these people because they were willing to die for something that was bigger than they were.

The world remembers these people because they died; ‘Field of Honour, Field of Life’ also remembers these people. Not only as people who died, but as people who once had a life that ended abruptly as a result of violence and war.

We want to symbolise these lives one more time – by placing living people behind the graves.

What better way to symbolise a life, than by a living person? Symbolise so that we can look and see, feel and experience, so that we remember not only the dead, but the living, people of all ages like you and I.

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We have chosen this approach to, for a brief moment in time, truly relate to what has happened. As one living being to another and to realise how incredibly valuable the world of peace and freedom is.

Those who died are no longer part of this world, but we are.

That calls for responsibility. Responsibility towards them and to ourselves.

Warm regards,

Nathalie Toisuta & Dennis Brussaard

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Field of Honour, Field of Life

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