Nathalie Toisuta
Nathalie Toisuta Executive Producer
Stories are there to be told. For every multitude of stories there is a multitude of ways in which they can be conveyed. My company, Media Luna – Tell a story, tells stories that are worth telling.

I, Nathalie Toisuta, tell stories by creating documentaries, making visual reports and portraits, generating commercials, organising concerts and campaigns and by teaching you how to tell a story – yours or someone else’s – in courses, workshops and by personal coaching.

Nathalie is the founder and creator of ‘Field of Honour, Field of Life’ and is the Executive producer responsible for this production.
In addition to her extensive media background, Nathalie has an academic background in Professional Communication in which Systemic Work and Constellations constitutes an important component. She specialises in Systemic work and Storytelling.

Dennis Brussaard
Dennis BrussaardCreative Director
Inspiring people to move, shift, change and take action by portraying a story in pictures. Imagination as the key to connection by means of television, print, social media and all other channels we may have access to in the future. After 25 years of having developed and created more than a hundred television programmes, I use my company to help charities and organisations with their video and content strategy. I am extremely proud of the fact that we have created and developed the Field of Life, Field of Honour concept as it stands today.

Dennis is founder and creator of Field of Honour, Field of life and is producer and director of this production. In addition to this, he builds all the websites (educational programme, national and international websites) and is co-developer and responsible for the construction of the interactive educational programme ‘Eren & Leren” (To Honour is to Learn)